SDF Sub-Groups

The Forum has a strong focus on improvement across the industry. It has in place a number of subject-specific sub-groups looking in detail at issues facing the industry.

  • Facilitate continuous improvement opportunities within the member organisations by sharing best practices in respect of operational safety standards and implementation arrangements
  • To formulate agreed industry policies and practices
  • Provide a forum for effective sharing of knowledge and experience

The following sub-groups have pages on this website - follow the link in the acronym to visit the sub-groups page:

Acronym Title Sponsor Contact (Sub-group Chair)
CEWG  Clearance & Exemptions Working Group Kevin Dodd David Tattam
CSG Culture Sub-Group   Tim Shuttleworth
CSWG  Conventional Safety Working Group Paul Rees Harbi Minhas
EARWG  Environment Agency Requirements Working Group   Simon Hunter
HPF UK Nuclear Human Performance Working Group  Paul Unsworth Alastair Melvin
IOWG Independent Oversight Working Group   Mark Edmiston
IRPCG Industry Radiological Protection Co-ordination Group Nigel Lister Pete Thompson
NEAF Nuclear Emergency Arrangements Forum Richard Savage John Skegg
NIFSCC Nuclear Industries Fire Safety Coordinating Committee Pam Duerden Gary McMinn
OCWG Organisational Capability Working Group Des Wright Elizabeth Atherton
OELG Operating Experience and Learning Group   Andy Newell
PRF Peer Review Forum Paul Rees

Alex Steele

Abdul Saeid

RAMTUC Radioactive Material Transport Users Committee Nigel Lister

Tony Grange

Safeguards Safeguards Working Group   Nick Edmonds
SCF Safety Case Forum Paul Rees

Simon Williams

Tony Rice

SCQWG Supply Chain Quality Working Group Paul Unsworth Byron Bruce
SSG UK Nuclear Industry (civil) Security Sub Group Mark Treasure Eddie Marrett
TCSC Transport Container Standardisation Committee   James McNally
WPC Working Party on Criticality (WPC) David Eaves Liam Payne
YNPF Young Nuclear Professionals Forum Mark Treasure Emily Hayhurst

A template is available for the SDF sub-group guides:  SDF sub-group Guide template Issue 2, Sept 2016 (0.3MB)