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About Us

  • Improve Peer Review performance by identifying and sharing good and best practice.
  • Enabling Peer Review to be kept in house across licensees.
  • Minimise costs by sharing lessons learned from high hazards events.
  • Exchange of regulatory experiences and regulator interface on cross industry issues.

Programme of Work

Recent activity

Last 12 months have concentrated on the development of an industry Good Practice Guide, this is yet to be issued following comments from SDF.

Local issues and learning shared at each meeting

Key achievements:

  • Development of Good Practice Guide
  • Now have ONR involvement
  • Developed close links with the Independent Safety Assurance Working Group

Future Programme

Two workstreams have been initiated and the full problem statements are being worked up:
Workstream 1 – Proportionality in Peer Review
Workstream 2 – Peer Review metrics

More Information

Useful Documents

Links to other sites/sub-groups

Safety Case Forum – important as Peer Review activity relates predominantly to safety case documentation.

Independent Oversight Working Group – in some areas Peer Review activity is being carried out by or in conjunction with internal oversight/regulation as part of a broader independent assurance strategy; in particular, where internal permissioning type activity is being carried out.

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For more information regarding this group please contact either of the co-chairs:

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