Internal Oversight Working Group (IOWG)

Formerly the Internal Regulation Working Group - IRWG

About Us

Organisations get to learn from others’ experience and share best practice in such a way as to provide benefit throughout the sector. Members can share intelligence on emerging assurance and regulatory issues such that work can be started on these at as early an opportunity as possible. This assists in limiting the collective risk associated with these issues.

There is also the opportunity to share or develop new or revised approaches that may improve effectiveness and efficiency for all, and the forum provides a method of getting advice from others who may have already addressed a similar issue.

More specifically, the group has worked closely with Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) in the development of their Technical Assessment Guide (TAG) on internal challenge and safety advice (T/AST/080), resulting in a product that both ONR and the industry is happy with

Programme of Work

Recent activity

4 Routine meetings each year covering development workstreams over a three year cycle of 2015-2018.
Meetings also include discussion of OPEX, Peer Assist and occasional external speakers.
An additional meeting held at SDF request to review revised ONR rating system. This concluded that internal rating systems have different requirements and an additional workstream was initiated.

Future Programme

The remaining Workstreams for 2015-2018 are:

  1. Training and competence
  2. Demonstration of value of assurance / oversight
  3. Framework for peer assist
  4. Risk based assurance
  5. Assurance of Leadership and Management for Safety (and environment / Security)
  6. Benchmark Good Practice Guide
  7. Assurance of Security

The outcomes will be incorporated in an up issued GPG planned for 2018-19.

More Information

Useful Documents:

Internal Regulation Good Practice Guide, issue 1, Jan 2014 (9.9MB)

Links to other sites:

Various informal links through shared membership. Discussion of amalgamation with Peer Review Forum concluded that the two groups have distinct areas and should remain separate for the moment.

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