Independent Oversight Working Group (IOWG)

About Us

Independent Oversight refers to the departments, functions and individuals responsible for assessing an organisation's Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Quality performance which is independent from the operational/functional line.  The main purposes of the IOWG are to:

  • Exercise ownership of the Independent Oversight Good Practice Guide;
  • Provide an effective industry forum for consultation on standards and legislation;
  • Provide a conduit for communication on the conduct of independent oversight;
  • Identify and promote learning and information sharing;
  • Facilitate cross industry peer assists;
  • Provide a coordinated approach to emergent issues; and
  • Advise the SDF on matters of concern or opportunities to improve

Programme of Work

Recent activity

3 routine meetings each year covering development workstreams over a three year cycle, currently 2019-2021. Meetings also include discussion of emerging regulatory issues, OPEX, Enabling Regulation and occasional external speakers. The sub-group has recently revised and re-issued the IOWG Good Practice Guide to include the output of its recent workstream development.

The IOWG has begun sponsoring Peer Assist missions where the group evaluates the performance of a member organisation's Independent Oversight function against the IOWG Good Practice Guide and other relevant good practice.

Future Programme

The workstreams planned for 2019-2021 include:

  • Refining and expanding the role of Peer Assist missions
  • Self-assessment of the Independent Oversight functions – to identify strengths and development areas and encourage benchmarking
  • Engagement with the organisation – how to build traction, trust, credibility and maximise the value of IO to the organisation
  • Skills and competence
  • Horizon scanning – how to keep the IO function 'match-fit'
  • Resilience/Knowledge Retention of IO & ensuring organisations maintain a Duty of Care to IO staff
  • Supply Chain Assurance

More Information

Useful Documents:

pdficon smallIndependent Oversight Good Practice Guide, issue 2, Dec 2018 (1.7MB)

Links to other sites:

Various informal links through shared membership. Discussion of amalgamation with Peer Review Forum concluded that the two groups have distinct areas and should remain separate for the moment.

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