National Operating Experience Learning Group (OELG)

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  • The main benefit is the sharing of information across a wide network of nuclear operators, both civil and military.  OEF practitioners share information in a number of areas, including:
  • Significant events and the learning derived from them,
  • Details of OEF processes to facilitate improvements,
  • Details of campaigns used to improve OEF arrangements,
  • Trends emerging from events, leading to the identification of industry wide trends.
  • All of the above lead to potential efficiencies and cost savings, by sharing of best practices, campaign materials, learning from events and hence avoidance of future events.
  • Whilst the range of operators represented on the OELG is diverse, the basis of the OEF processes used and the cultural issues and challenges faced across the organisations are very similar.  Hence the information shared is generally relevant to all of the participating organisations.
  • Meetings are usually held at a relevant nuclear installation, enabling a tour of the facility and visibility of the organisation’s OEF arrangements.  Both of these help to provide an understanding of different cultures and processes and provide the opportunity for wider learning and sharing of best practices.

Programme of Work

Recent Activity

The group has continued to meet its annual programme of four meetings with good levels of attendance. It has delivered against the majority of the items in the 15/16 FAP and has seen consistent improvement in the engagement of its members. In Feb 16 the Chairman and Secretary of the last 7 years stood down and were replaced.

Key achievements:

  • Healthy and continued engagement with regulators.
  • Process established for peer review of members investigations.
  • Initiation of a self-assessment process for members against the Good Practice Guide.
  • Creation of a welcome pack for new group members
  • Initiation of the formulation of a Good Practice Guide to investigations
  • Sustained and frank exchanges of information                

Future Programme

The overall aim is to ensure that through membership of the group there are tangible benefits to its member organisations through two-way value adding activities and that members are given the maximum opportunity to demonstrate to internal and external regulators that genuine sharing of operational experience and learning is taking place.

OELG Forward Action Plan 2018-2019

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OELG Event Categories (August 2016)

OELG Welcome Pack v2 (Sept 2017)

OELG Newsletter April 2016

004 A Guide to Good Practice A4 booklet

OELG-WANO Cause Codes v1

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