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The purpose of the Environment Agencies Requirements Working Group (EARWG) Group is to identify and share good practice in the:

  • Minimisation, re-use and recycling of solid radioactive waste (Low Level Waste and Very Low Level Waste) across the industry and in this respect support the UK Nuclear Industry National Low Level Waste Management Plan Re-use and Recycling (RR1) Initiative; and,
  • Monitoring/ assay of radioactive wastes (solid, liquid and gaseous). 

In doing so, EARWG will facilitate transparency of the information used by sites to meet the Additional Information and Improvement Requirements (AIIRs) specified in Environmental Permits/Authorisations issued by the Environment Agency (EA) and Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to nuclear Operators by sharing information regarding waste minimisation and assay techniques, which in turn will help to reduce costs to sites.

Programme of Work

Recent activity

Continued focus on Forward Programme key issues – Records, Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWA), Environmental Monitoring, Non-Rad, Information Sharing

Ongoing liaison with EA regarding records retention, including linkage with NDA.

Peer Review established and seen as very beneficial.

Future Programme

The future work programme is expected to include:

  • Record Guidance
  • ‘TGN3’ Guidance
  • Review of BAT Guidance related to Non-Rad and Monitoring

More Information

Useful Documents:

BAT Good Practice Guide May 2017

EARWG Website:

Information Previously Available on the EARWG website is currently under migration to the NDA Knowledge Hub.

We hope to make this information available to you as soon as possible

Contact Us:

For more information regarding this group please contact the chair or secretary:

Simon Hunter, LLWR, Chair - simon.eb.hunter@llwrsite.com

Nick Hesketh, Babcock International, Secretary - Nick.Hesketh@babcockinternational.com

Andy Gordon, Sponsor

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