The value of professional membership

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As a member of the NI’s thriving professional community your membership benefits help to develop your skills, increase your sector knowledge, grow your professional network and expand your influence as you progress in your career.

Why join the Nuclear Institute? 

Membership Benefits 

Professional Community & Networking 

Make contacts throughout the country with like-minded individuals working in nuclear through groups, events, and our online forum NI Connect. You’ll develop friendships with experienced, innovative nuclear professionals on the front line of science and technology who will be able to help you develop your career in nuclear.

Training and CPD 

To support your journey towards professional membership and registration, our onlineCPD tool MyCareerPath helps you plan your development, gather and reflect on your activities, and review your progress.

Professional Recognition

Gain acknowledgement of professionalism and ongoing contribution to the nuclear sector with industry-recognised post-nominals (MNucI & FNucI). Becoming MNucI or FNucI demonstrates your commitment to upholding the highest standards of the nuclear profession. You'll be valued by employers and stand out from your peers.

Professional registration 

An important milestone for any engineer or scientist, professional registration establishes proven knowledge, understanding and competence. We are licensed to register professionals by the Engineering Council, the Science Council and the Society for the Environment.

Events, News and Resources 

You’re always learning in a career in nuclear as the industry continues to evolve and change with new discoveries – that’s what makes it such an interesting industry to work in. Develop your skills and knowledge base through the industry-specific regional and national events the Nuclear Institute offers throughout the year, as well as our respected Nuclear Future journal.

Volunteering opportunities 

Write for Nuclear Future, sit on a committee, or support STEM activities – these are just some of the volunteer experiences you can have with the Nuclear Institute. Not only will you learn more about an area of the industry, but it looks great on the CV, too.

NI Young Generation Network 

The Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network aims to encourage and develop the UK’s early career nuclear professionals, and ensure that their voice is heard in shaping the future of our sector. Any member of the NI under the age of 37 automatically becomes part of the YGN. 


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