Continuous Professional Development

Whether you are working towards professional membership or have already achieved this, we have the support you need
Professional Development (Early Career)

Starting your career in the industry? Want to work toward professional membership of the Nuclear Institute and future registration with the Engineering/Science Councils or the Society for the Environment? Start planning now using MyCareerPath, our online tool which helps you plan your development, gather and reflect on your activities, and review your progress. 

Continuing Professional Development

As a Professional Member of the Institute, each year you will be required to confirm that you are undertaking CPD and are updating your record. Since 2015 the collection of CPD declarations were made mandatory for all members, with detailed guidance issued to members and available on the website. Individuals have 3 months from the request to submit their CPD declaration.  In the event of a non-submission, the Individual’s professional registration will be at risk. 

mycareerpath logo To simplify this process of submission you can register for our online CPD tool MyCareerPath. This enables you to create and manage your CPD submission by updating throughout the year. The Nuclear Institute accepts the mycareerpath report which you can submit by email. 
Further Guidance 

If you require any further guidance on CPD please refer to our CPD Guidance Notes  and the Nuclear Institute CPD policy