Supply Chain Quality Working Group

About us

The group vision is to help improve Right First Time delivery of materials and services across the nuclear enterprise. The groups strategic objectives are as follows: -

  • Understand and improve the performance of the supply chain
  • Drive towards common requirements across the supply base
  • Influence the activities of related working groups
  • Share best practice

Programme of Work

Recent Activity

The group has completed three activities which have looked at Supply Chain Performance, Supply Chain Oversight and Common Quality Requirements. The output from each group was then drafted in to a single Code of Practice that will shortly be submitted to the SDF for formal approval.

Key achievements

Robust Code of Practice ready for approval.
Excellent attendance from all key licence holders across seven meetings held to date.
Very positive engagement of Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) who are full time members of the group.
Significant shared learning across licence holders – as an example each licence holder shared with each other their CFSI response to ONR in mid-2015 and we have compared the responses.
The group has collated a summary of critical nuclear related suppliers each license holder uses and assessed the degree of correlation.
The group has engaged widely with relevant groups to share and align activities. These include: -

  • Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
  • Nuclear Industries Council
  • National Skills Academy (Nuclear)
  • Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) Nuclear Sector Interest Group (NUCSIG)
  • Bureau Veritas

The group is developing a detailed key stakeholder map to help ensure a coherent communications strategy is in place.
The group has proved an excellent vehicle for ONR to convey information and learning from experience to license holders.

Information video - Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items

 (embedded YouTube video)

Future programme

Submit the Code of Practice via the formal SDF route to gain acceptance and then publicise this document to all key stakeholders.

Our next two activities have been selected by the group members at the 7th group meeting hosted by Rolls Royce in Derby on 12th April 2016. The two subjects we will be exploring are: -

  • CFSI (Counterfeit, Fraudulent & Suspect Items)
  • Supply Chain Tiering

The outcome is likely to be two codes of practice as well as further significant shared learning across the group members.

More Information

Useful Documents

 SCQ sub-group Master Comms Slides 2018-02-13 (0.3MB)

 SCQ sub-group General Briefing Slides 2018-02-13 (0.3MB)

 SCQ Stakeholder Analysis (0.1MB)

 Good Practice Guide to Supply Chain Quality, Feb 2017, Issue 1 (1.1MB)

 Good Practice Guide to Supply Chain Mapping Apr 2017, Issue 1 (0.9MB)

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Chair: Ian Burns (BAE SYSTEMS Submarines)

SDF Sponsor: Adam Hearnden (BAE SYSTEMS Submarines)