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The UK Nuclear Hu Forum was established in 2008. Since then it has  grown to represent many of the organizations working in the Nuclear Sector in the UK.
The forum seeks to identify common standards in Nuclear Safety Culture and Human Performance for its members, by identifying best practice from the membership, from international organizations such as Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and the World Association of Nuclear Operators. The forum standards are made available for other interested parties through the Safety Directors Forum, the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (Nuclear  Training Network) and COGENT Skills. Training Standards for Human Performance  Fundamentals, Human Performance Practitioners and Nuclear  Leaders & Managers have been developed, and a  blueprint for the introduction of a Hu program in organizations is also available.
Organizations working in Nuclear are welcome to apply for membership as are organizations working in other High Reliability industries such as Oil & Gas and Healthcare.
The forum has a developed Terms of Reference which are aligned to promote cooperation between members and to provide links to the UK Regulators.

Human Performance does require resource for organisations to implement it right, the forum provides guidance and strategy advice, so that funding used in this area is used to best advantage.

  • To promote industry wide alignment, including national and international collaboration, in relation to Human Performance;
  • To provide an opportunity to benchmark and learn across other sectors;
  • To develop standards and training, that is recognised industry wide;
  • Provide a link into Regulators, Licensees and Human Performance/Human Factors Specialists, and other relevant Safety Directors Forum subgroups as appropriate;
  • Optimise resources by utilising the Human Performance leads within the group;
  • Share KPIs and measurements for the success of Human Performance programmes;
  • To inform the Nuclear Community of key learning and information from the meetings; and,
  • Continued professional development.

Programme of Work

Recent activity

  • Production of products and materials which support continued improvement in Human Performance in the Nuclear Industry such as the Leadership and Managers Standard and the Maturity Matrix.
  • Sharing of knowledge and experience from member organisations to improve effectiveness, efficiency and consistency.
  • Alignment with recognised world-class bodies such as INPO and WANO.
  • Strong links established with Cogent and National Skills Academy Nuclear.
  • Shared learning from international benchmarking and conferences.

Future Programme

  • Further development of the Blueprint to support the Maturity Matrix.
  • Implementation of the Maturity Matrix within member organisations and during benchmarking visits.
  • Production of a Knowledge Worker Standard.
  • Develop a Supply Chain Strategy in order to increase Supply Chain engagement and alignment.
  • Develop links with the Human Factors community for mutual awareness and identification of potential collaborative working.

In addition we have had discussions as a group and with our sponsor and we are keen to understand how we can align with the LMfS Group to avoid duplication.

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For information regarding this group please contact:

Chair - Caroline Jones
Vice-Chair - Christian Wilhelm
Sponsor - Pam Duerden

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