Radioactive Material Transport Users Committee


RAMTUC CLG is the industry’s forum for development of strategy and policy regarding the regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material.

Terms of Reference are in summary;

  • Training - develop, endorse and promote RAM Transport training
  • Development - share experience of national and international regulation interpretation
  • Representation - agree a united approach to be taken in dealings with national and international regulatory and enforcement agencies
  • Industry communication - share learning from experience

Note – RAMTUC has two-tier membership system, and the committee includes a number of non-SLC members.

Programme of Work

Recent activity

Operations in 2015/16
RAMTUC CLG business during 2015/16 was delivered from within the following, formed by volunteers.,

  • 4 x Main Members Meetings (1 includes the AGM)
  • 3 x Permanent Subgroups (Training & Consignment Issues Working Group & 
Dangerous Goods Working Group - non class 7)
  • 1 x Time based working group (Low Specific Activity Working Group) 

  • 1 x Ops Secretary (25 days per year) (voluntary)
  • 2 x RAMTUC CLG Directors (voluntary)

Business - Suppliers (on annual contracts in 2015/16) 

  • 2 x Dangerous Goods transport Consultants
  • 1 x Audit consultant (Carriers)
  • 1 x Accountant
  • 1 x Legal Consultant
  • 1 x Financial Account Management consultant linked to Legal provider
  • 1 x Digital coms provider
  • 1 x Business Secretary (25 days per year)

Key achievements:

Operations in 2015/16

  • Trans Frontier Shipments (TFS) Guidance Note issued
  • Completion of a technical specification for a new fissile exception application to ONR completed (handed over to Rolls Royce)
  • Level 3 Specialist Skills course ran in November 2015 at Birchwood, Warrington and 
was attended by 22 delegates with 21 passing the course.
  • RAMTUC Transport Specialist Training Course Provider scope written, mini-bidded and contract awarded for delivery in 2017.
  • RAMTUC Seminar Cooridinator scope written, mini-bidded and contract awarded for delivery in 2016.
  • LSA-II interpretation paper written and agreed
  • Carrier audit process (Standard assessment forms and questionnaires) completed, 2 x Carriers Audited using RAMTUC system
  • Non Class 7 Subgroup formed ToR and 2016/17 work scope agreed 


  • Streamlined formation of RAMTUC in 2014/15.
  • One full financial year operating as a CLG, whilst increasing output and making administrative financial savings.

Future Programme

All live 5 x RAMTUC Subgroup has its own suite of objectives for 2016/17, as listed in the RAMTUC Annual Report.

 RAMTUC overarching objectives are as follows:

  • Complete the RAMTUC Communications Policy by end of Q4 2016/17
  • Develop and run the new RAMTUC Seminar by Q3 of 2016/17
  • Develop and run the 2016 RAMTUC Seminar by end of Q3 2016/17
  • Refresh the L3 Training Course and run the first course under the new Training 
Provider by Q4 of 2016/17. Note - Key part of this objective is the course must be 
financially self-sufficient, and rely on no funding from RAMTUC CLG to operate.
  • Optimise how RAMTUC records, and shares regulatory and operational resolutions 
and implement new process by Q2 2016/17.
  • Manage the refresh of the NLI data base and implement change controls by Q2 

Business Objectives

  • Develop and implement further risk controls during Q1 of 2016/17
  • Refresh the RAMTUC 5 year Business Plan by end of Q4 2016/17

RAMTUC Sub-groups

  • RAM Transport Training Sub-group (Chaired by EDF)
  • Class 7 Consignment Sub-group (Chaired by LLWR)
  • RAM Transport Carriers Sub-group (Chaired by RSRL)

 RAMTUC Consultants

  • Regulations Consultant – Scientifics Ltd – Rolling report of the AIG transport security meeting and rolling report of all radioactive material transport related National and International meetings and conferences
  • Regulations Consultant - Class 7 Ltd – Rolling report of regulatory updates from ADR and RID & filtering of UN review papers for related class 7 and sub-risk matters
  • Transport related OECD consultant - Prospect Law – Rolling report on legal matters affecting Class 7 transports

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Chair:    Marc Flynn (also Director of RAMTUC)
Sponsor: Peter Lock, RWM Ltd

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