About the Nuclear Institute

 The Nuclear Institute - professional standard bearer for the nuclear industry

The Nuclear Institute is the professional membership body and learned society for the nuclear industry. Representing over 2,500 professionals at all levels across the nuclear industry, from new build and operations to decommissioning, the Nuclear Institute sets the standards for nuclear professionalism. 

Nuclear energy is an essential part of the UK’s clean energy mix. Currently employing 65,000 people, and generating 20% of all electricity used in the UK, with the new build programme, the industry has the potential to almost double the number of jobs across the civil nuclear sector. It is critical that the industry has the right standards and people to support future growth and success.






The Nuclear Institute has a vital role to play as the professional standard bearer for the industry and nuclear professionals. We work with individual and corporate members to facilitate professional development and accreditation, to nurture scientific expertise, to share knowledge, and provide a place for the nuclear community to interact through our events programme, branch network, special interest groups and our many volunteer-led activities. 

 Whether you are an individual or an organisaton, you will find your place within the Nuclear Institute. Join us and get involved in shaping the future.

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