About the YGN

The Nuclear Institute (NI) is the Professional Body and Learned Society for the Nuclear Sector in the UK, offering routes to professional registration with the Engineering and Science Councils and the Society for the Environment. Membership of the NI is open to all and is achieved by meeting the standard for Nuclear Professionalism, the Nuclear Delta, which focuses on nuclear safety and security, and application of nuclear technology. Any member of the NI under the age of 37 becomes part of the Young Generation Network.

The YGN has been in existence for over 20 years and currently consists of approximately 1,250 members. The YGN benefits individuals and the wider industry through promoting communication, collaboration and professional development in the UK and around the world.

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As the YGN, our mission is:

“To encourage and develop the UK’s early career nuclear professionals, and ensure that their voice is heard in shaping the future of our sector”

In 2020, we refreshed our vision, mission and objectives so we can continue to support and nurture the UK’s younger generation into becoming the world’s leading workforce. By encouraging our younger members to act as nuclear ambassadors, through attracting talented young people and by providing opportunities for professional growth, we aim to play a key role in building a nuclear sector that the UK as a whole can be proud of. If the YGN’s new strategy excites you too, why not get in touch to find out how you can help us accomplish our mission!

YGN Vision   

Benefits of Involvement...

Hear from some of our YGN members on why you should join the Nuclear Institute…

Career Development

  • Increase your knowledge of nuclear industry technologies, sectors and organisations.
  • Develop competencies towards professional registration and recognition of your nuclear professionalism.
  • Attend events and training programmes.
  • Meet peers and expand your network.


Personal Development

  • Develop a whole host of other skills including event organisation, business and financial management, marketing, coaching & mentoring.
  • Develop the relationships that will shape the future of both your career and the industry.


Benefits for Employers

  • Development of staff through high value training and cross sector learning.
  • Raise your company profile and its commitment to high standards of nuclear professional practice.
  • Development of staff towards professional membership of the NI, including assessment against the Nuclear Delta® - the standard of professionalism in the nuclear sector.
  • Supports future competitiveness through development of personal networks, capability and in-house expertise.


Benefits of Membership...

  • Discounted attendance at our industry-renowned events.
  • Nuclear Future journal sent to you in the post (bi-monthly).
  • Access to the Nuclear Institute online portal (www.nuclearinst.com).
  • Access to YGN volunteering opportunities & mentoring.
  • Apply to have your nuclear professionalism recognised through professional membership of the Nuclear Institute and chartered status with the Engineering and Science Council.


Message from the Chair

The YGN was formed 25 years ago by many eager and motivated young people who are now the leaders of the industry. I hope that our current YGN members can go on to be just as inspiring.
Looking forward to the next 25 years I can see a bright future for the YGN – supporting members as they build and operate new power plants to generate low carbon energy, constructing SMRs and AMRs in their local areas, creating medical isotopes and enabling and leading international collaboration.

The YGN’s aim is to encourage and develop the UK’s early career nuclear professionals and help make these next 25 years of opportunity a reality.

I am extremely passionate about furthering this mission as Chair of the YGN for 2021. The past year has certainly been unconventional, but despite the challenges faced, YGN volunteers across the country have collaborated virtually to deliver unique offerings like the YGN Festival Week, a series of webinars in partnership with various companies and networking opportunities through virtual coffee roulette.

2021 is bound to be another interesting year but it brings me great comfort to think of the ways YGN can support and bring together nuclear professionals in these uncertain times.

To find out more, get in touch at chair.ygn@nuclearinst.com and sign up to our monthly newsletter

Hannah Paterson, YGN Chair 2021

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