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Nuclear professionalism

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If you made career advancement one of your new year resolutions, we can help you achieve that goal. A simple way to take the first step is gaining your professional accreditation as a nuclear professional. Judging by recent applications, MNucI and FNucI have never been more popular. Alongside this, the leading nuclear companies are encouraging their staff towards this goal through the Company Membership Scheme.  

We know our members and customers are already well qualified as chemists, physicists, engineers, environmentalists, waste managers and more. But our industry needs nuclear expertise that builds on those core skills, developing and applying behavioural and professional standards that make our workforce truly skilled, adaptable and unique.  

What is of most need to you as part of your career toolbox?  

Our members of all grades have three groups of tools which reflect our member value proposition - Knowledge, Networking, Recognition. Whilst most elements of Knowledge and Networking are available to all members, Recognition is the group that boosts your career prospects and adds the greatest value to your membership, your career and your organisation. 

If you find yourself in the unusual position of having more time to think about an application that you’ve been meaning to do for years, then now is a great time to get started or contact us for advice. We can put you in contact with experienced volunteers who can help you move forward. Contact for advice or download our new, updated forms from our website for Member or Fellow.