Member (MNucl)

Who should apply?

Nuclear professionals working at all levels in the nuclear sector and its supply chain.

 NI Members are practising nuclear professionals from a wide range of technical and non-technical disciplines, who apply personal behavioural standards and exercise judgement based on an understanding of the Nuclear Delta®, as applicable to their role and work context, to ensure their decisions and actions support nuclear safety and security, both now and in the future.

 Is professional Membership applicable to my role in nuclear?

Whether you perform a technical science/engineering role working directly at a nuclear facility or a ‘non-technical’ role and/or work in locations away from licensed nuclear sites, every discipline contributes its own areas of specialist knowledge and expertise. Applying this knowledge and expertise in an informed way, to maintain and strengthen nuclear safety and security culture and support the safe use of nuclear technology is the common, defining characteristic of nuclear professionals across the sector.

 Recognition as a professional Member of the NI provides independent verification of your nuclear professionalism, whatever your specialism, job role and work context.

For further information on the application process, please see the application guidance below. Current fees for application and all grades of membership can be found on the Fees & Payments page.


Professional Membership and Professional Registration 

Professional Membership of the NI is applicable to everyone working in, and with, the Nuclear Sector who can demonstrate they have relevant qualifications (min. level 3 or equivalent experiential learning), work experience and can meet the requirements of the Nuclear Delta®. 

Professional registration of the NI is licensed by three bodies, the Engineering Council, the Science Council and the Society for the Environment, to assess applicants for Professional Registration and entry onto the respective professional register, e.g. as Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Environmentalist, etc.  Find out more about each of the registration pathways: EngineeringScienceEnvironment 

The professional review process

Whether applying for Member only, or Member and professional registration, applicants are assessed by the Nuclear Institute through a process known as professional review, carried out by trained practising nuclear professionals who form the Membership Committee. 

This is a two-stage process with an application assessment followed by a professional review interview*.  To complete the application process will take approximately 12 weeks.  

* Interviews are mandatory for applicants for Chartered and Incorporated grades of registration; applications for Member only can be approved by the Membership Committee without requiring an interview, if supported by clear and substantive evidence

How do I apply?

Complete the applicable Membership Application Form selected from the table below, and return along with a full CV, copies of certificates, CPD records and the application fee (please see checklist at the end of the application form). Your completed application should be emailed to Hansa Kaul at and a hard copy marked 'Application for Member', posted to Membership Team, The Nuclear Institute, Phoenix House, 18 King William Street, London EC4N 7BP

Application Form Table - please click on the forms below

Membership only application forms

Membership and Registration application forms

Upgrade application forms for current NI Members or Fellows wishing to add Registration

MF1 Member application

MF101 Membership and Chartered Enginee r

RF401 Chartered Engineer

MF2 Fellow application

MF102 Membership and Incorporated Engineer

RF402 Incorporated Engineer

MF3 Fellowship Upgrade application – for current MNucI applying for FNucI

MF103 Membership and Engineering Technician

RF403 Engineering Technician


MF104 Membership and Chartered Scientist

RF404 Chartered Scientist


MF 105 Membership and Chartered Environmentalist

RF405 Chartered Environmentalist


MF106 Membership and Registered Environmental Technician

RF406 Registered Environmental

Please note: To apply for Fellow plus a professional registration grade, please email Hansa Kaul at to request the appropriate form.

Guidance for Applicants - Please click on the form below

MF1 Series guidance - for Membership only applications or Membership plus professional registration

MF2 Series guidance – for Fellow only applications or Fellow plus professional registration

MF 4series guidance – for current Members or Fellows adding a registration grade