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Good news on the horizon … and a chance to help your Industry

The government’s recent announcement to commit to the Wylfa new build project is a welcome one and, along with work in the last six months around the nuclear sector deal, gives us optimism for the industry’s future. Recent consultations on plans for a geological disposal facility and the current one on the regulation of nuclear sites in the final stages of decommissioning and clean-up means that nuclear is high on the government agenda, even at a time when Brexit is pushing most political business away from the centre of attention. The Nuclear Safeguards Bill is going through its final stages of approval and work is on hand to ensure the UK can meet its obligations. 

It’s an important time therefore to ensure that the NI is best placed to put the views of nuclear professionals to the government on a range of issues. We can do this by responding to consultations and engaging in the wider debate as we continue to do but we can also be more effective in this by growing our voice. The NI is here to represent all those engaged in the industry, be they qualified professionals or those on their way to professional status. The rounded views of the industry’s commercial, legal, financial, scientific and technical specialists will be needed to give the best advice to government as the industry progresses and we want to see all these people represented amongst our Members and Fellows.


So, how can you help your industry?

Please get involved if you’re already a member. This could be through contributing to the above consultation response, upgrading your membership to a professional grade, or recommending membership to others in the industry who are committed to its future.

If you’re not a member – please join us. You’re receiving this newsletter as a previous customer of the NI and a potential member. We hope this newsletter gives you an idea of the very active engagement of our members and their desire to see the industry flourish. I hope you will decide to join them in securing a voice for the thousands of individuals that make up this industry.