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Nomination Open for the YGN Excellence Prize 2019

What is the YGN Excellence Prize?

The YGN Excellence Prize is an award for newcomers to the Nuclear Industry (less than five years’ nuclear experience) who have gone above and beyond the roles required of them. There is a specific emphasis on the individual’s achievement to promote the nuclear industry and fulfilment of the YGN objectives. The award is an attempt to recognize these individuals and their accomplishments over their brief time within the industry.

How to enter?

To enter as a candidate for the Excellence Prize, an individual can nominate themselves. Alternatively, any individual in the industry or company can nominate an individual for the prize. If you would like to enter, please fill in the nomination form below. The nomination closing date is 18th October 2019, such that the winner can be invited to the YGN Annual Dinner where the prize will be awarded.

Download the Nomination Form here!
How the prize will be judged and awarded

All entries should be submitted to Mike Roberts (YGN Chair) via using this nomination form. All entries will be reviewed by a panel formed from YGN Committee members against the criteria defined below. The YGN Committee’s decision is final and binding, with no ground to appeal or challenge the decision.


The winning individual will receive the following:

  • £400 prize money,
  • An invitation to the YGN Annual Dinner (held in Bristol) where the prize will be awarded.
Excellence Prize Criteria

Please provide examples, of no more than 300 words per question, where the proposed candidate has:

  • Demonstrated excellence and recognized achievement in their role(s) in the nuclear industry over the last five years.
  • Played a role in representing the interests of young nuclear professionals in line with the YGN objectives.
  • Successful contribution/service to the successful operation of the YGN and/or local NI branches.
  • Unique act(s) that are aimed in attaining the objectives of YGN.

N.B: It is not compulsory to fulfil ALL of the prize criteria detailed. Submissions exceeding 300 words per question will not be considered.


For further information please contact Mike Roberts via