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Annual Audit of Continuing Professional Development, 2020

We will shortly be commencing our 2020 audit of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Maintaining CPD records and reporting these on request is a requirement for maintaining your Nuclear Institute professional membership and, where applicable, professional registration with the Engineering Council, Science Council, or the Society for the Environment.

To monitor and report on CPD activity, each year we audit a sample of our professional members and registrants.  If you are included in the 2020 sample, you will shortly receive an email requesting submission of your CPD records by the end of September 2020. 

The annual CPD audit promotes a culture in which NI members and registrants recognise the importance of CPD and take ownership of their own learning and development. 

If your CPD records are audited, you will receive individual feedback, including recommendations for improvements, where appropriate. At the end of the audit we also share identified good practice and lessons learned with all NI members.

Reflecting the importance of CPD, failure to submit CPD records when requested, or repeatedly submitting records that do not meet the CPD Standards of the applicable licensing body, can result in withdrawal of professional registration and/or NI professional membership.

For further information about the NI’s approach to supporting CPD, please see NI’s CPD Policy and CPD Guidance.

If you have any questions regarding CPD or the annual audit, please get in touch with the Membership Team at

Finally, if you are contacted to submit your CPD records, thank you in advance for engaging positively with this important process.