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The YGN Speaking Competition is back

Register now or come and cheer at the YGN Young Speakers Competition 2019

Two competitions have already been announced for the Central England Branch (Thursday 28th March), North West Branch (Thursday 11th April 2019), North East Branch (Wednesday 22nd May 2019) and Cumbria Branch (Tuesday 4th June 2019).



Last year, John Bintu won the NI North West Branch’s YGN speaking competition. Here, he summarises his experience:

 "Participating in the YGN Speaking Competition and having the privilege to present alongside talented members of nuclear industry was a fantastic experience which I highly recommend to younger members of the industry. I won the North West regional in May and then placed 3rd overall in the finals with my presentation titled “Vitrification of High Level in the UK”, a technical talk detailing the vitrification process and current challenges of how high level waste is managed in the UK. It was great to see an array of engaging presentations covering different aspects of the nuclear industry, some of which included technical talks, the role of nuclear in the energy mix, and the socio-economic impacts of nuclear new build."


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