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WiNUK hosts successful speedmentoring events


Two regional speedmentoring events were held in March – one in Warrington, just before the Lisa Nandy talk, and another to coincide with the Nuclear Institute Western Branch Dinner.

More than 20 people took part in both speedmentoring sessions, receiving great feedback to their career question.

Kimberley Williams, a nucleargraduate on secondment to DBD International said: “I recommend doing a speed mentoring session with WiN UK. You get to meet a wide range of inspirational people and it was very well organised. In advance of the event the organisers sent round biogs for mentors and mentees; this was great as we made the most of the five minutes we got allocated to speak to each other, rather than asking “where do you work? What do you do?...” and. It was nice that all of the mentors had different responses to my question and they were very inspirational.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more events throughout 2016.