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WiN UK exhibits at Nuclear Safety Symposium

EDF Nuclear Safety Symposium by John Cairns 14.4.16-5

Pictured: Vincent de Rivaz, CEO EdF, meets members of the WiNUK Executive at the Nuclear Safety Symposium

WiN UK exhibited at the second Nuclear Safety Symposium in London in April. The event, which saw delegates from around 80 nuclear organisations, was hosted by EDF Energy and EDF, with the support of the World Association of Nuclear Operators, followed on from the first symposium held in Paris in 2014.

Following her rousing speech at the WiN UK Conference in February, Adrienne Kelbie, Chief Executive of the Office for Nuclear Regulation spoke about her passion to see more women in the nuclear industry and how mixed teams are vital for a successful organisation, she said: “It’s a fact that mixed gender teams make safer decisions. Only 17% of the nuclear workforce is female and, by tolerating this, we are limiting our workplace capacity and our success.”

Earlier in the day, Adrienne, along with EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz met the WiN UK Executive Board representatives at the conference.