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North East YGN Speaking Competition

The Nuclear Institute North East Branch hosted the annual YGN Speaking Competition on Wednesday 22nd May. This year’s edition was returning to EDF Hartlepool power station and was sponsored by EDF Energy, PDL Solutions and Jacobs.


Figure 1 - The 2019 finalists for the North East YGN Speaking Competition - from left to right: Andrew Kennett, Jack Pierce-Brown, Michael Urwin, Lewis Blackburn, Danny Lockwood and George Brade

After the successful 2018 edition, the North East NI Branch was looking forward to host and welcome back young members on the stage for the annual YGN Speaking Competition.  Six presentations were shortlisted from ten entries. The presentation finalists included a wide range of topics; “Immobilisation and Disposal of UK Plutonium” presented by Lewis Blackburn from University of Sheffield, “The 10 most misleading myths about nuclear energy” presented by Jack Pierce-Brown from EDF Energy, “Intergalactic Nuclear Reactors” presented by George Brade from EDF Energy, “A Loss of Commitment to SME Spend in the Nuclear Supply Chain” presented by Michael Urwin from PDL Solutions, “Commissioning Challenges in the Nuclear Industry” presented by Andrew Kennett from Jacobs and “How can nuclear energy become more sustainable and aid the progression of renewable technologies?” presented by Danny Lockwood from EDF Energy.

The jury was very impressed by the quality of the presentations and high standard of delivery. All speakers had to answer numerous questions from the jury and audience.

After a long deliberation from the jury, the winner has announced: Congratulations to this year winner Andrew Kennett who will represent the North East to the National YGN Speaking Competition in September. Danny Lockwood came second and George Brade came third.

Figure 2 - 2019 North East YGN Speaking Competition winner Andrew Kennett with Fanny Fouin (NENI YGN lead)

Congratulations to all participants for this year edition. Thank you to all sponsors that made this competition possible.

The North East branch is looking forward for the 2020 edition.

Figure 3 - North East YGN Speaking Competition winners with members from the jury