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NI's Digital Special Interest Group holds third workshop

Following two KTN workshops on "The Role of BIM in the Nuclear Industry”in 2016, the Nuclear Institute set up the Digital Special Interest Group (Digital SIG) to provide a forum for industry-leading debate and to promote and drive cohesive Digital development across all aspects of the industry.

The group, comprising digital leaders from across the nuclear industry, held its third workshop in Bristol on 30th January at the offices of Waldeck Consulting.  Over 30 members attended and the group discussed a range of issues. 

Paul Waldeck (CEO & Founder, Waldeck) welcomed the group and went on to describe several areas where Waldeck is engaging with digital technologies, including the use of drones, photogrammetry techniques and retrospective manufacturing.  

Philip Isgar then gave an overview of the NI SIG programme and interfaces with the Digital SIG activities, an update on the journey of BIM in Nuclear, touching upon how nobody is using the term ‘BIM’ anymore, it’s known more widely as ‘digital’ or ‘Information Management’.  This was followed by industry updates from EDF Energy, NuGen, Horizon, Sellafield, RWM, UKAEA who all gave updates on their projects and the future of technology in their field, followed by an update on skills from the University of Bolton.

The group then held an open session to discuss several issues, including what the key outputs from the group should be, how to disseminate best practice, the possible use of focus groups, how to work alongside other NI SIGS and how to engage with other communities in this area such as professional institutions, OGDs (other government departments) and other industry groups such as the Construction Industry Council, Construction Excellence and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).  There was a big focus on asset management, validation and verification, and the use of ‘futuristic’ tools, such as; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

For further information on the Digital SIG then see webpage: