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NI YGN Cumbria holds "An Audience with" Adrian Bull & Dennis Thompson

On Monday 9th May the YGN with the support of the Cumbria branch organised an “An Audience with…” event with Adrian Bull Director of External Relations at the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and Dennis Thompson Managing Director at the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR). This was an excellent opportunity for young aspiring members of the industry to have the opportunity to speak to industry leading professionals about their careers.

Adrian and Dennis each provided an inspiring introduction to themselves and their varied careers so far. After this the young audience took the opportunity to ask Adrian and Dennis questions about their careers and advice on developing within the industry. Adrian and Dennis have both had very interesting and varied career’s and thus having this unique occasion to speak to them in this way was an amazing opportunity. There were a broad range of very interesting questions and questions could have flowed all night, allowing young nuclear professionals to better understand the industry and potential avenues for careers in this ever changing industry was amazing.

After the event Adrian said “I really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues with the young industry professionals who attended the “Audience With…” session. We talked about matters relating to my career, advice for them and wider industry issues – and I was impressed with their insightful questions and comments. It was also fascinating to lead the session jointly with another senior industry figure and to compare and contrast the advice we both gave and our different approaches.”

After the event a number of the YGN attendees passed comment on the event:

“It was fascinating to hear Dennis and Adrian reflect on their past experiences”

“'Wow what an excellent opportunity to hear from two senior industry leaders!”

“I would recommend that other young people take this opportunity to attend An Audience With events to also receive the amazing advice I have”

Matt Aukett, Cumbria Branch Event’s Sub-Committee Chair said after the event “The event provided a fascinating insight into the careers of two of our senior industry leaders. It was amazing to hear how the paths both Adrian and Dennis have taken through their careers have brought them to their current roles and to consider how similar decisions may also affect my career. I’d like to express my thanks on behalf of the NI Cumbria branch to Adrian and Dennis for taking the time out to come and share their experiences with us”

If you would like to organise An Audience With Event or would be interested in attending one in your area please contact

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Robert Alford