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Join the Nuclear Institute History Project

The Nuclear Institute (NI) has supported nuclear professionals in the UK since the very earliest days of the sector, dating as far back as 1956 through its founder organisations the British Nuclear Energy Society (BNES) and the Institution of Nuclear Engineers (INucE).

In early 2016, we began a project to collect this history and, through the story of the Institute and the Industry, mark the achievements of the people at the core of nuclear in Britain- you, our members.

Our aim is to create an easy to view potted history of the Institute through the new History Timeline on our website and to create a new special feature in the bi-monthly journal Nuclear Future celebrating the history and achievements of the UK's nuclear professionals through member authored articles.

Photographs, scanned documents or memorabilia from any stage in the life of the BNES, the INucE or the NI are most welcome, along with personal and industry histories.

If you, or someone you know, would like to contribute to this project please contact us by email to