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International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day the focus is #BeBoldForChange and it couldn’t be a more apt description.

 We need change in terms of gender balance in all aspects of industry but in particular in our nuclear industry. And that requires bold decisions and bold action.

 During the course of my career I have heard so many reasons to delay change; “it is difficult”; “we don’t have time”; “we want to do something but don’t know how”.

 My response to that is it’s easy if you are committed, you can’t afford to not make time to make your business successful, if you don’t know how, WiN UK and multiple other organisations can help you – just reach out.

 Recently a member of staff asked me if they could move to a term time only contract as their only son started school.

 My first reaction and response was ”Yes”.  There, that was easy! We then discussed how we would make it work. All school holidays, with the exception of the summer break, represent nothing different to any member of staff taking annual leave.

 So our only hurdle was the five week break across the summer.

 I, like many of you, are employed to solve big problems and make big decisions, so if we can’t solve the issue of cover for a five week period we are in trouble, right?

 So making bold decisions is about a state of mind, a perception of what is difficult and the courage to challenge the norms.

 But we don’t just need to be bold in making business decisions. We need to encourage people to make bold decisions about their own careers – to take the plunge and go for a promotion or to change careers and join the nuclear sector.

 At our recent WiN UK Annual Conference, Adrienne Kelbie (CEO ONR and WiN UK Patron) said “Just do it” and I concur.

 Just do it and #BeBoldForChange!


Jack Gritt, President, Women in Nuclear UK