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ENS High Scientific Council PhD Award for 2019

The European Nuclear Society’s(ENS) High Scientific Council (HSC) have just announced the winner of its 2018 PhD Award to Dr Zsolt Elter of the Swedish Nuclear Society whose topic was “Neutron monitoring based on the higher-order statistics of fission chamber statistics”.

The HSC has also announced the opening of its 2019 competition which is a high-profile opportunity for researchers to promote their work and their university. The UK Member of the HSC is Prof Laurence Williams OBE FREng, who is also Chair of the NI’s Editorial Committee for Nuclear Future. When asked about the 2018 competition, Prof Williams said “This was the first year the HSC’s PhD award and the quality of the submissions was very high. The four successful candidates who attended the Council meeting in Brussels gave excellent presentations on their work. It was disappointing not to have a submission from the UK in the 2018 competition and I would encourage applications from UK researchers for the 2019 competition.”

Eligibility and Criteria

Candidates must have obtained a PhD in the field of nuclear science and engineering from a University of a country affiliated to ENS. The award of the PhD should not have been more than 36 months before the nomination of the candidate for the HSC PhD Award by the ENS Member Society.

The following documents need to be provided
  • CV, including a contact email and phone number of the candidate;
  • A copy of the PhD Diploma/Certificate showing the date it was awarded;
  • A recommendation letter to introduce the PhD work and highlight its significance in the research field, originality, importance and impact of the results;
  • An extended summary of the PhD thesis; and
  • A copy of any accepted publication directly related to the candidate’s PhD studies.


  • The deadline for submission of applications from UK applicants is 20 March 2019
  • The UK judging panel will identify their best candidate to the ENS HSC by 22 March 2019
  • The date of the interview/presentation will be in the autumn 2019
  • Candidates will be expected to personally attend the interview/presentation at the ENS HQ in Brussels.

Send your applications to