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CRA collaboration with EDF France R&D

Corporate Risk Associates Limited (CRA) has announced that it has started a 3-year long collaboration with EDF France R&D.

EDF R&D is based in Saclay and develops the innovative tools and methods used to manage the French reactor fleet. CRA will be the first UK company accessing the EDF PSA management tools, developed by EDF France R&D. The tools offer a variety of visualisation and processing tools that allow analysts to better build, query, maintain and document their PSA models. CRA will support EDF R&D in testing, refining and developing these tools.

Established in 2000, CRA boasts a team of 40 technical consultants, working from locations including London, Warrington, Glasgow and Gloucester. The company prides itself on managing safety, reliability and risk across multiple sectors including the nuclear, rail, defence and finance industries.