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Costain and the NI partner on nuclear professionalism

 We are delighted to announce that the Nuclear Institute is partnering with Costain to establish an NI Company Membership Scheme for Costain employees working on UK nuclear projects and across its consultancy services. 

 Costain, a long-term Company Member of the Nuclear Institute, deploys technology-based engineering solutions to the energy, water and transportation infrastructure sectors.

 Establishing the Nuclear Institute Company Membership Scheme is Costain’s next step in developing and publically recognising the nuclear professionalism of its team and ensuring that it provides new and diverse routes to membership of a professional institution.

With 46 team members enrolling immediately, the scheme is already providing a pathway for Costain employees to achieve full professional membership of the Nuclear Institute, including independent assessment against the Nuclear Delta®, the Institute’s standard of nuclear professionalism.

The partnering agreement was ratified by Costain’s Darren James, Managing Director – Infrastructure, and Sarah Beacock, CEO of the Nuclear Institute at Costain’s London offices on 3rd May 2017.

 Speaking at the meeting, Rob Phillips, Nuclear Sector Director said “Costain’s Nuclear Sector is growing rapidly. Across the nuclear estate there is a huge investment programme which requires both our existing and an influx of new resources with transferable skills from other parts of the industry.  Our new relationship with the Nuclear Institute will provide clear recognition of our team’s nuclear professionalism and routes to achieve the Nuclear Delta allowing us to independently verify the upskilling and nuclear SQEP of our teams. It will also allow clear routes to professional membership in skills and roles not currently recognised by other bodies which will be highly valued by both our staff and our clients.”

Nuclear Institute CEO Sarah Beacock said: “Costain’s commitment and clear enthusiasm to support the nuclear professionalism of their team is very welcome. As a leading engineering solutions provider with a long track record in the nuclear industry, their leadership in establishing a Nuclear Institute Company Membership Scheme reinforces the importance of developing, maintaining and celebrating nuclear professionalism throughout the supply chain.”

 The Institute looks forward to working closely with Costain as the new membership scheme is rolled out across their teams supporting their Nuclear Business.