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CEO Sarah Beacock blog - One Month In

Just over a month into my role as CEO and I feel privileged to already have had such an enticing peek into the nuclear industry. I wanted to share with you some of those experiences and how they link to my hopes for the NI.

In my first few days I attended an informative event that included presentations on the plans and activities at three key development sites – Hinkley, Wylfa and Moorside and meet some of the key players. I’ve also been lucky enough to visit Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) and see the unique Jet Tokamak and Mast Upgrade, which reminded me what a hi-tech and valuable industry this is to the UK and to our low carbon future.

Secondly I have had the opportunity to meet with some of our industry partners like the NIA and NSAN which has helped me to understand the importance of collaboration with specialist bodies that have nuclear as their primary focus. It is an approach which is typified by the NI’s Board of Trustees and the wider group of volunteers and their networks that make up the nuclear ‘family’. I have been immediately impressed by the level of passion and dedication that NI members have for the industry and its people.

And finally, it is the people themselves that make this industry what it is. I was honoured to present a year’s free NI membership to winners of the NSAN Skills Awards at a fantastic ceremony in Manchester last month. This brought home to me the importance of developing the skills and talents of our future professionals. Whilst the technology is critical it is nothing without the skilled professionals that are capable of operating it efficiently, effectively and safely.

The NI’s role is to provide these professionals with the tools to support their long-term professional development. We are uniquely placed to do this, sitting as we do at the centre of the nuclear industry, and it is my ambition to make the NI the number one choice of membership body for nuclear professionals. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, materials scientist, waste manager, chemical engineer or a non-technical nuclear specialist, we can offer you the professional recognition, networks and lifelong learning that is dedicated to you and your industry.

I look forward to working with many of these people over the coming weeks and months, and telling you more about it through this blog. If you want to give me your views directly then please feel free to drop me a line –