YGN Power Generation


Ashish Nakeshree

Ashish Nakeshree is a Chemical Engineer working in the field of Nuclear Energy from 2009. He has completed a Masters in Chemical Engineering and Management from Loughborough University, UK. He has also been involved in conducting nuclear research in the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

Since Joining EDF Energy, Ashish has been involved with a range of departments and held various roles and responsibilities, both on site and in central engineering functions, (including Operations, Outage management, Safety Case Management and Nuclear Safety Group).

Currently, Ashish is working for EDF Energy - Nuclear New Build at SOFINEL (a partnership of EDF Group and Areva NP) for the design of the Hinkley Point C (HPC).

Ashish became involved in the YGN as the lead organiser of the event “Rough Guide to Nuclear Power Generation” hosted by EDF Energy on behalf of the YGN. Ashish then joined the YGN committee to represent EDF Energy as the Event Leader in 2013.