Nuclear Delta®

What is the Nuclear Delta®

The Nuclear Delta® sets out the competences and behaviours, which are required by the industry and which differentiate nuclear professionals from professionals in other fields and institutions. The Nuclear Delta® is defined by three core elements, which capture what is unique, special and different about the nuclear industry.   
  • Nuclear Safety Culture    
  • Nuclear Security Culture      
  • Nuclear Technology & Safety 
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Why is the Nuclear Delta® important?

The Nuclear Delta® provides the pathway to professional accreditation and recognition within the nuclear industry. It is the recognised benchmark used across the industry. The Nuclear Institute uses the Nuclear Delta® standard to assess Member (MNucI) and Fellow (FNucI) applicants.

By demonstrating the requirements of the Nuclear Delta® scientists, engineers, technologists, safety, security and business specialists can become recognised nuclear professionals. Individuals must demonstrate the competencies and behaviours defined within the Nuclear Delta® to qualify for professional membership of the Nuclear Institute and to receive the title of nuclear professional.

The Nuclear Institute works with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN), the industry’s lead strategic skills body, to deliver the requirements of the Nuclear Delta® through professional membership and joint approval of training and professional development programmes, including apprenticeships

To view the Nuclear Delta®  standard click here.