A full list of SDF approved Best Practice Guides, Codes of Practice and other documents can be found below. The list is sorted by sub-group publishing the document.

A Word template is available for the SDF sub-group guides:  SDF sub-group Guide template Issue 2, Sept 2016 (0.3MB)

Title Size
Issue Date Sub-group
 Clearance and Radiological Sentencing: Principles, Process and Practices 2.8 2.01 May 2017 CEWG
 Best Available Techniques for the Management of the Generation and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes   0.6 1 2010/2017 EARWG
 UK Nuclear Human Performance Forum - Terms of Reference 0.2   Jan 2017 HPF
 Human Peformance Blueprint 0.3 1 Nov 2014 HPF
 Human Performance for Nuclear Leaders Training Standard  0.5 1 Feb 2015 HPF
Human Performance Fundamentals Training Standard       HPF
Human Performance Practitioner Training Standards and Guidelines       HPF
 Independent Oversight - Good Practice Guide 9.9 1 Jan 2014 IOWG
 The Selection of Alarm Levels for Personnel Exit Monitors - Operational Monitoring Good Practice Guide 0.9 interim Dec 2009 IRPCG
 Changeroom Design, Operation and Maintenance–Nuclear Industry Code of Practice ***Withdrawn pending reissue as a Good Practice Guide***       IRPCG
 Personal Dosimetry Management - Good Practice Guide
 Personal Dosimetry Management - Good Practice Guide: Example International Radiation Passbooks
Nov 2011 IRPCG
 UK Nuclear Industry Good Practice Guide to Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) 0.3 1 Dec 2016 IPRCG
 The Application of ALARP to Radiological Risk - A Nuclear Industry Good Practice Guide 0.7 1 Dec 2012 IRPCG
 NVF DG002 An aid to the Design of Ventilation of Gloveboxes 0.7 1 Jan 2012 NNVF
 VWG DD/001 Guidance on NNVF papers, issue 1 0.2 1 Jun 2015 NNVF
 VWG DD/002 Filter visual inspection guide, issue 1 1.3 1 Jun 2015 NNVF
 VWG DD/003Filter Safe Change systems, issue 1 0.9 1 Jun 2015 NNVF
 Nuclear Baseline and the Management of Organisational Change Good Practice Guide 1.3 3 Mar 2017 OCWG
 0004 - A Guide to Good Practice A4 Booklet 1.2 1 Aug 2015 OELG
 OELG Event Categories 0.3 1 Aug 2016 OELG
 Peer Review of Safety Cases 0.7 3 Aug 2016 PRF
 The Periodic Review of Leadership & Management for Safety 1.5 1 July 2017 SCF
 Good Practice Guide - Worker exposure durations for Design Base Analysis 0.5 1 Jan 2014  SCF
 Right First Time Safety Cases: How to write a usable safety case 0.8 1 March 2014 SCF
 Appropriate Conservatism in Safety Cases 0.4 1 July 2015 SCF
 Good Practice Guide to Supply Chain Quality 1.0 1 Feb 2017 SCQ
 Good Practice Guide to Supply Chain Mapping 1.0 1 Apr 2017 SCQ
 Key attributes of an excellent Nuclear Security Culture 1.8 1 June 2013 Security
 SPI Good Practice Guide 3.3 2 Mar 2016 SPISG
 Good Practice Guide to Criticality Detection  0.7  1  Mar 2018 WPC 


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