Meet the NIWB Team: Stuart Jelliss

Meet the NIWB Team: Stuart Jelliss, Atkins Global

Stuart Jelliss

Introducing Stuart Jelliss, Events Representative at NIWB. Stuart has been a member of the NIWB Committee for almost 7 years and is in conversation here with NIWB Communications Officer Viktorija Zaksaite.

Q1. What organisation do you work for and what are your responsibilities? 

I work for Atkins which is a large worldwide engineering consultancy. I work in the Nuclear part of the Energy business and have done so for the last 15 years. My main background is in nuclear safety case and I am currently supporting Horizon Nuclear Power in this capacity.

Q2. How long you have been an NIWB committee member and what are your responsibilities on the committee? 

I’ve been a committee member since 2009 and I am the current events organiser. This involves organising evening lectures on interesting topics for our members and members of the public alike. This requires thinking of appropriate topics, identifying a presenter, booking a venue and hosting the event on the night.

Q3. Why did you join the NIWB committee? 

I have an interest in educating people about the industry.

Q4. What have you achieved so far or what do you expect to achieve being a committee member? 

I’ve run over 30 evening lectures and learnt a lot in the process.

Q5. What for you has been the best thing that has happened at NIWB?

The dinner is always a great event every year.