Webinar on Nuclear Waste Treatment Technologies

The reprocessing of used nuclear fuel is a contentious issue.  The benefits and risks for reprocessing of nuclear fuel require a significant investment, expertise and political stability to ensure the products from which will benefit future generations and the wastes which are generated are carefully managed.  As the UK reaches the end of an era in spent nuclear fuel reprocessing the skills and knowledge will disappear but the legacy of the nuclear waste will still remain.

This webinar will provide an introduction to the nuclear fuel cycle.  The process chemistry and technologies that have been developed are innovative to manage the unique challenges that are faced by nuclear fuel reprocessing and waste treatment.  Both Butex and Purex solvent extraction processes have been successfully used in commercial operations in the UK.  Immobilisation technologies of nuclear waste will be discussed for both non-thermal and thermal processes.  Many different secondary wastes are produced as a result of reprocessing operations which require alternative solutions to passivate the waste for safe long term storage and disposal. 

 This webinar will be presented by Carl Steele, Royal Society of Chemistry Process Chemistry and Technology Group and will last no longer than one hour.

 If you wish to register for the webinar please contact Christine.stevenson@strath.ac.uk


  • Thu 14 Mar 2019
  • Thu 14 Mar 2019
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