Multi-Role Nuclear Technology: Learning from Historical Co-Generation


NI BU Webinar

The Nuclear Insitute is very fortunate to have Dr Michael Rushton from Bangor University as it's speaker and host for this webinar.


Many industries will be able to decarbonise through electrification, and nuclear power has an important role to play here as a proven source of abundant low carbon electricity. Electrification however is not a universal solution however, and there are significant sectors of the economy that currently have no clear route to achieving net-zero. Nuclear can produce more than electricity and by creatively coupling nuclear technology to industrial processes there is the real prospect of providing the technical solutions required to enable the type of deep decarbonisation required by current climate goals. 

This webinar will discuss these future prospects in the context of historical examples of co-generation: 

  • The multi-role nature of the Calder-Hall and Chapelcross plants.
  • Nuclear powered aluminium smelting on Anglesey and at Invergordon.
  • The nuclear steel-making clubs of the 1970s. 

This past experience of linking nuclear to industrial processes provides useful insight into how the financing, deployment and operation of such schemes should be managed. As well as signalling the way forward these examples will also allow us to avoid the mistakes of the past.

  • Tue 20 Oct 2020
  • Tue 20 Oct 2020
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