We regret to announce that, due to last-minute unavailability of the speaker, the NI CEB February lecture on 'Progress at Fukushima', scheduled for 27th February, has been cancelled. This means that the next event will be the NI CEB March Lecture, which will be announced at the start of March.

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Chairman: Mehdi Askarieh


Secretary: Anthony Shaw


Meet the Branch Secretary - Anthony Shaw 

Following a well-received presentation on the basics of Nuclear Fusion at the NI CEB YGN Young Speakers Competition in 2017, he finished second in the national grand final competition and subsequently became more involved in the NI on a local level. He took over as Branch Secretary in May 2018... read more


The Central England Branch of the Nuclear Institute has operated in and around the Oxford area for many years and traditionally drew its support from the Harwell site when this was one of UKAEA’s main nuclear sites.  

In more recent years our support has come increasingly from the AWE but our events continue to attract considerable interest from staff working at the Harwell Campus and in particular those working at Rutherord Appleton Laboratory. The JET project is also on our doorstep and we often host lectures related to fusion energy and attract staff and contractors working at Culham.


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Photo CEB Speaking Comp


The Central England branch achieves the aims of the Nuclear Institute through an on-going programme of educational and social events organised by the branch committee. These include:

  • A programme of evening lectures
  • A speaking competition for young people
  • An annual dinner event

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