About "My Footprints in the Nuclear Sector"

About Welcome Letter

The Online Career Guide “My Footprints in the Nuclear Sector” shares the mission of WiN UK to support, prepare and inform individuals in the Nuclear Sector about the different stages in their professional life and the ever- changing work environment.

This is not an exhaustive database of information but a helpful overview of relevant topics for you such as: how to find a job, work-life balance, parental leave and many others. In each section you would find interesting and useful links with practical information for each topic, but we would be glad if you could contribute with more.

For further information on the available material, please see below.

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Takeaway Material    

                                           You Can Help Us Out Too

Easy-to-read infographics and other material helping you answer                       
questions such as:

  • How do I choose what to do?
  • What do employers look for?
  • How do I prepare for interviews?
  • What is networking all about?
  • What does career progression mean for me?
  • References and other online available material to help you explore
    the different opportunities.


  • Give us your feedback on work you’ve done or interviews you’ve had. 
  • Tell us what you are doing at the moment and perhaps describe few lessons,
    which you have learnt throughout your career so far.
  • Volunteer to be a supporter for the Online Career Guide and/ or help us to
    promote the WiN UK mission.
  • Finally let us know about your experience of using the guide “My Footprints in the
    Nuclear Sector” so that we can continually improve what we offer. You can send
    us an e-mail using the information under “Contact Us” section.