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The Nuclear Institute takes a stance on Small Modular Reactors

The Nuclear Institute (NI) has produced an official statement announcing its support for Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology to enter the UK nuclear energy industry.

The Nuclear Institute's statement responds to the questions posed by the Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECCC), including: should small nuclear power be utilised in the UK; what are the barriers and main risks; what are the opportunities and challenges for the domestic UK supply chain and what role can the government play?

The debate on the introduction of SMR technology to the UK energy mix is currently being discussed by the ECCC with the latest evidence put forward on 22 July 2014.

Experienced UK industrial organisations are already in a strong position to take part in an advanced manufacturing programme, the NI states, with potential to utilise SMRs in the British Isles and wider Crown possessions.

As the professional body representing workers in the industry, the Nuclear Institute also comments that "the UK already holds many of the skills required to support a SMR programme but an expansion in this market would undoubtedly generate many more opportunities for British workers."

In continuing the debate, the Nuclear Institute is producing a day-seminar on Small Modular Reactors titled “UK in SMR; SMR in UK” to take place in Manchester on 25th September 2014, with confirmed speakers including Dame Sue Ion, Mike Tynan, Gordon Waddington and Professor Andrew Sherry.

The full NI statement outlines the advantages and disadvantages of SMR technology as well as the NI’s conclusive viewpoint and can be downloaded below. 


Nuclear Institute statement on Small Modular Reactors in the UK

Further information on the ECCC debate can be found on their website

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