2018 Webinars

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2017 Archive (oldest to newest) 

 Webinar 1 - Martin Chown (Sellafield)
 Sellafield Ltd and the Supply Chain - Transforming the Way We Work Together

 Webinar 2 - Jonathan Evans (Shared Services Alliance)
 Collaborative Procurement

 Webinar 3 - Sarah Beacock (NI CEO)
 Membership Update and Q&A

 Webinar 4 - Alys Gardner and Mike Roberts (YGN), Eileen Largeggen (ENS), Adrian Davis-Johnston
 YGN, ENYGF, ENS, Innovation in Nuclear

 Webinar 5 - Fiona Jackson (Women in Nuclear UK) 
 Diversity and inclusion in the Nuclear industry

 Webinar 6 - Dr Ian Scott (Moltex Energy)
 Stable Salt Reactors

 Webinar 7 - John Eldridge, (Principal Engineer (Nuclear) Cammell Laird)
 Offsite Construction in the Nuclear Industry - A Challenge, an Opportunity!

Webinar 8 - Louis Plowden Wardlaw (General Counsel & VP - UK Business Development, Terrestrial Energy)
The Business Case for the Integral Molten Salt Reactor

Webinar 9 - Chris Warrick (Communications Director, UK Atomic Energy Authority)
Fusion Power 

Webinar 10 - Dr Roger Howsley (Executive Director, World Institute for Nuclear Security)
Nuclear Security & Professionalism

Webinar 11 - Bernat Cirera (Consultant, Corporate Risk Associates) 
How could a move to Small Modular Reactors affect Nuclear Safety Risk

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