About the Nuclear Institute

Become a member of the Nuclear Institute

Develop your career through industry-specific events and training

Whether your interest is in new build, SMRs, decommissioning, or another area of the nuclear industry, you'll learn more about the potential developments and challenges of each specialty through targeted NI events. You'll hear from top industry professionals in events at a branch level, nationally, and internationally.

Meet industry leaders at NI networking functions

Meeting the right people can be the key to progressing your career, and the Nuclear Institute is full of nuclear professionals upholding the highest standards in the sector. At networking events, you'll meet like-minded people with the experience and position to help you build the career you want.

 Display your commitment to ongoing professional development

 Membership at the Nuclear Institute is more than a subscription - it's a commitment to developing professionalism across the nuclear industry. Our CPD programme is widely recognised, which means you won't just increase your knowledge, but you'll also increase your value to employers.

Contribute your experience through unique volunteering opportunities

Sit on a committee, write for the Nuclear Future journal, join a Special Interest Group, or contribute to STEM activities - these are some of the ways you can share your experience through the Nuclear Institute. Not only will you contribute to the future of the industry, but it's a great way to show professional development, too.


Professionalism in the nuclear industry

The Nuclear Institute is committed to building professionalism across the nuclear industry. We believe that it starts with educated, experienced individuals sharing their knowledge with the wider nuclear community.

That's why we developed the Nuclear Delta™, our standard for measuring the different aspects of professionalism in nuclear. We use this standard to assess Member (MNucI) and Fellow (FNucI) applicants, a benchmark that has become widely recognised across the industry.

Members and Fellows of the Nuclear Institute are regarded as innovative leaders in the field of nuclear, and are highly sought after both in academia and the field.