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The Nuclear Delta™ is now trademarked by the Nuclear Institute

The Nuclear Institute (NI) has today announced that the Nuclear Delta has been officially trademarked, supporting its authority as a unique definition of attributes to identify nuclear professionalism across the industry.

Professionalism is vitally important to the nuclear sector in order to maintain the highest standards of safety and security within sensitive working environments and for the general public.

The Nuclear Delta is the definition of attributes that separates a nuclear professional from other professionals and is used in the membership process for all professional NI members. In simple terms, scientists, engineers, technologists, safety, security, and business specialists become nuclear professionals by becoming members of the Nuclear Institute and achieving the standards set out in the Nuclear Delta.

The Nuclear Delta was established by the Nuclear Institute in 2010 and is unique in that it presents additional criteria to other professional institutes/institutions.

In particular, the Nuclear Delta specifically includes nuclear safety culture, nuclear security culture, nuclear safety and nuclear technology; in addition to the general technical, quality, health, safety and environment requirements as necessary for registration and membership of other professional institutes/institutions.

Clive Smith, Nuclear Institute Membership Committee Chair, said:

"The Nuclear Delta™ provides the benchmark for competences for those working in the nuclear industry.  NI professional members are measured against the Nuclear Delta™ which, in conjunction with discipline specific skills, enables them to readily demonstrate their commitment to the high standards necessary within the nuclear sector along with their nuclear professionalism.”

Nuclear Institute President Tim Chittenden, commented:

"The Nuclear Delta™ summarises those key attributes of a nuclear professional which are the common denominator of members of the Nuclear Institute; it is important that all of our stakeholders recognise the commitment to nuclear professionalism made by our members so we have taken steps to protect the term from potential abuse by others who may not share our values."

Nuclear Institute CEO, John Warden, said:

"As the nuclear industry grows to meet the demands of nuclear new build sites, plant life extension work, and complex decommissioning projects, there is a pressing need for individuals and their employers to be able to demonstrate their ability to work safely and effectively in a nuclear environment. The Nuclear Delta uniquely captures this and allows those in the nuclear industry and those wishing to enter it a means of objectively demonstrating their nuclear professionalism."