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Prime Minister has his hands on Nuclear Future

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has literally got his hands on the UK’s Nuclear Future after being provided with a copy of the Nuclear Institute’s member journal by Virginia Crosbie MP in Westminster.

As Nuclear takes an increasingly important position in the UK’s quest for net zero, the journal's editor Will Gray interviewed Crosbie for the cover story of the March/April edition, just before the Energy Security Strategy was unveiled.

In the interview, Crosbie explained her role in supporting nuclear, outlined how a plant at Wylfa Newydd could re-generate her Ynys Môn constituency, and challenged the government to build “as much nuclear as we can get”.

And following the Queen’s Speech delivered by Prince Charles in Parliament on Tuesday, she met with Johnson and Greg Hands, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), to hand over a copy of the magazine.

Crosbie said: “Professional bodies are an essential part of UK industry as is the high quality journalism in their magazines and I was proud to show Nuclear Future to both the Prime Minister and the Energy Minister.

“The magazine delves deep into its subject and constantly makes the case for a new generation of nuclear power stations through well researched and balanced articles setting out the challenges as well as the solutions.

“I passionately believe nuclear power is a vital part of the UK’s energy security going forward. I know the PM and the minister feel the same. We are on the cusp of a new dawn, and I am delighted.”

Crosbie, who is Chair of the Nuclear Delivery Group, has been extremely active in Parliament pushing for new nuclear and her Nuclear Future interview offered a unique insider guide to the changing opinions within Westminster.

Speaking in the magazine she explained: “In the past, I think nuclear didn't really have a strong voice at Westminster but when I go and have breakfast with the chancellor, when I go and see the Prime Minister, I'm talking about nuclear.

“And the message I'm trying to get to them is actually that the public are supportive of nuclear and we need to deliver nuclear for net zero, for our energy security and for levelling up.”

The Nuclear Institute is taking a leadership role in the progression of the industry, as it prepares to scale up and deliver the Government’s promise of commencing build on one new nuclear reactor per year until 2030.

CEO Sarah Beacock was proud to see the Prime Minister taking such an interest and said: “Virginia’s story in the current issue of Nuclear Future is a great boost to the nuclear industry and it’s great to see her boss also gets the message!

“Like everyone in our industry, the Nuclear Institute is delighted to see the UK Government get behind the need for nuclear as our safe, sustainable, home-grown source of future fuel.  This will mean great quality jobs and skills for the UK in the long-term and we are keen to play our part in achieving that.”

Nuclear Future is produced six times per year, providing content ranging from news and features to technical articles. It is a unique member benefit that is delivered by post to all members of the Nuclear Institute.

The upcoming issue continues includes another high profile cover story, with the Director-General of the Nuclear Energy Asssociation (NEA) Bill Magwood giving his insights on nuclear from a global perspective.