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NI Partners with Sellafield to Sponsor Arkwright Scholarships

The Nuclear Institute is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Sellafield Ltd to sponsor scholarships with the Arkwright Trust.

Scholars are being encouraged, through the scheme, to pursue engineering (or related areas of design) into higher-education or apprenticeships and, eventually, to take up a career in the field, hopefully in our case nuclear. 

The Nuclear Institute's scholarship, sponsored by Sellafield, will support 9 students in the UK through their A Levels. 

Students have been allocated sponsors by the Trust and will be awarded with their scholarships at an awards ceremony in October 2014.

In the next two years the NI and its members will provide the students with mentoring and opportunities to find out more about nuclear energy and the UK nuclear industry.

Mark Lyons, Trustee and Chair of the NI Education and Training Committee said: "The NI and Sellafield are proud to provide these scholarships as part of our education outreach activities into secondary education and to promote the nuclear industry as a career choice. The NI hopes that other nuclear companies and organisations will join our scholarship scheme or work directly with Arkwright Trust to promote the nuclear industry to our future scientists and engineers."