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NI Branch lecture considers the importance of Cumbria

On Tuesday 17th June 2014 the Nuclear Institute Cumbria Branch held the first of five weekly summer lectures, beginning with Dr Ian Hudson, General Manager for Nuclear Management Partners.

The evening talk was focussed on ways in which Cumbria can play a significant role in the future of the nuclear industry.

A key message from the lecturer pinpointed how important it is for Cumbria to position itself as an area recognised for nuclear skills, both in supporting and delivering current decommissioning and new build work streams. Dr Hudson also identified Cumbria as a base from which businesses can export skills and expertise for other nuclear sector activities both nationally and internationally.

He highlighted many of the past achievements that the industry in Cumbria has already been responsible for.

Matt Aukett, Events Sub-Committee chair for the Cumbria Branch, said: “Ian’s talk left me feeling that there is a really positive future here for the nuclear industry in Cumbria both as a base for future new activities but also as a skills centre where people want to be based.”

The NI Cumbria Branch Summer Lecture programme continues every week until the 15th July with talks at starting at 6pm every Tuesday. See the list of events here. 

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