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New Memorandum of Understanding between the ECITB and the NI

The Nuclear Institute and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) have today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two companies.

The MOU, signed in London by David Edwards, Chief Executive of the ECITB and John Warden, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Institute, will establish the basis for a strong working relationship based on a collaboration, especially in the area of education, skills and training.

As the nuclear industry continues to evolve, so will the skills requirements change to meet the requirements of new build projects and long term decommissioning. This will impact the shape, size and nature of the future workforce. To help address future skills needs, the new MOU will cover a number of key activities, including strategies and activities to attract, develop and qualify new entrants as well as training and upskilling of current employees.

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David Edwards (left), Chief Executive of the ECITB and John Warden (right), Chief Executive of the Nuclear Institute sign the MOU.

The ECITB and the NI are key stakeholders in the nuclear industry and share many complementary responsibilities. Both organisations have a strong commitment to creating a skilled and well trained workforce for the nuclear industry and work closely with other organisations involved in skills and manpower resourcing for the nuclear industry, such as NSAN and the CITB. Both are also heavily involved in outreach activities, including with schools and in further and higher education. The MOU will help cement the relationship and form the basis for collaboration in these and other areas.

John Warden, NI Chief Executive, said:  "Collaboration is key to success in developing a sustainable long term solution to meet the skills needs of the nuclear industry. The Memorandum of Understanding between the Nuclear Institute and the ECITB brings together two organisations with a common purpose and commitment to achieving a highly skilled nuclear workforce and the best outcome for the industry. By bringing together our knowledge, expertise and experience we will be able to achieve more for the industry. We look forward to developing what we are sure will be a highly successful and collaborative partnership."

David Edwards, ECITB Chief Executive, said:  "We are delighted to sign this Memorandum of understanding with the Nuclear Institute. We have been working together for several years supporting skills development in the nuclear industry and have many shared interests and complementary areas of responsibility, including long-term skills, training and manpower planning, and educational outreach. I am confident that our two organisations will work together exceptionally well and that the MOU will form the basis for a fruitful and long-term partnership."

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David Edwards (left) and John Warden (right) shake hands on the new collaboration between the ECITB and the NI.

The ECITB has a statutory responsibility to develop the UK’s engineering construction workforce. A leader in skills and training, vocational qualifications and standards, the ECITB already plays an important role together with other organisations in supporting the nuclear skills agenda. The ECITB has a cross-sector membership base across the engineering construction industry, which means it is well positioned to collaborate with other industry specialists in leveraging best practice and expertise to the benefit of the nuclear industry.

The Nuclear Institute is the UK membership organisation for nuclear professionals. As a leading professional body it maintains the standards of professionalism in the nuclear sector through its code of conduct and the Nuclear Delta. It is the leading independent organisation within the industry focused on education and training of nuclear professionals as well as public outreach to engender greater understanding of the nuclear industry.

The ECITB and the NI will have a joint presence at the Big Bang Science and Engineering Fair in Birmingham (11-14 March 2015).