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Cumbria Branch host Decommissioning & Waste Management Seminar

Nuclear Institute Cumbria Branch hosted their 2014 Seminar on Decommissioning & Waste Management on 10 June 2014 at Westlakes Science Park.

The subject matter continues to be a very significant activity in the nuclear industry and is vital to supporting plant operations and the longer-term prospects of a new build programme.

The speakers who visited Cumbria from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds, offered an insight into decommissioning at different sites from around the UK and beyond. They shared their experience and knowledge, highlighting techniques and ideas that have worked well on their sites. Speakers included Jack DeVine (Sellafield Ltd), Peter Thompson (Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd), Steve Walters (Magnox Ltd), Dennis Thompson (LLW Repository Ltd) and Chris Eaves (National Nuclear Laboratory).

Joanah Macababbad, Cumbria Branch Member, said about the conference: "It was great to hear that many of the achievements were reached with outstanding safety records (little or no LTAs). These talks really inspire us all to do the same; accelerate hazard reduction without compromising on safety."

The audience were particularly responsive regarding the use of collaborative partnerships with contractors to successfully complete projects, such as in the case of LLWR's work on clean up operations of high hazard storage buildings.

Mark Gardiner, Cumbria Branch Member, commented: "It was great to see the breadth of knowledge and expertise that is available with in the nuclear industry and the plans going forward to retain and improve that knowledge base. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable and educational day."

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