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Apply for WiN UK Awards 2021

Apply for WiN UK Awards 2021

Applications are now open for our prestigious awards which recognise and celebrate those who have gone above and beyond to promote gender balance and diversity across the nuclear sector.

Deadline for submissions:
17:00 on 8 February 2021

All entries must be submitted using the WiN UK Award application form.

Download the WiN UK Award Application Form (PDF)

Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications unless the official application form has been completed. This is to ensure a consistent approach for the judging process.

Award Categories

Awards graphicThere are 5 award categories to nominate yourself or others. Each nomination should be viewed in the context of WiN UK’s mission and objectives:

  • to address the industry’s gender balance
  • improve the representation of women in leadership roles
  • engage with the industry, government and public on nuclear issues
  • support the industry with tools and information


This award recognises a person who has been visible, supportive and influential across the nuclear sector in building recognition of the importance of gender balance and diversity.

The judging panel will be looking for evidence which shows clear examples of the influence the nominee has in the industry. Examples may include:

  • work in promoting gender balance
  • influence within their own organisation and the wider industry
  • being a role model for others in the industry
  • taking active and positive action to support women in the workplace
  • using every opportunity to address gender balance issues and encourage dialogue
  • developing programmes in the workplace to raise awareness
  • creating diversity and inclusion networks


This title will be awarded to a man in the nuclear sector who is going beyond the day job to improve gender balance and diversity.

Together, everyone, no matter what their gender, has the power to address the gender balance issue in our industry.

However we would like to take this opportunity to recognise the very important role men play in being “agents for change” and supporting the future of the industry by the use of positive words and actions to increase the number of women working in our nuclear sector.

Judges will consider evidence which shows work undertaken to improve gender balance within the nominee’s organisation and in the wider industry. Examples may include:

  • encouraging other men within the sector to recognise the importance of gender balance
  • acting as a mentor to encourage women into senior roles
  • being an ambassador in the workplace and at events to promote gender balance
  • demonstrating courage to address issues of inequality when they are present
  • actively providing equal opportunities for women in the workplace
  • sponsoring events to promote gender balance (helping with design or attending)
  • providing guidance and support to WiN UK to meet its aims and objectives


This award recognises someone who is tenacious in their mission to make change happen. The recipient of this award may not be in a position of organisational influence or in the spotlight. They are unlikely to have large budgets or large teams that they can use to mobilise funded diversity and inclusion programmes or hold big events.

However, as an individual they are working behind the scenes to make a vital difference through their actions and words and by being determined in their mission. As a result, they can be the catalyst for great change through continued effort, passion and conversation.

The judges will look for someone who has demonstrated unwavering passion. Examples may include:

  • working with local communities to promote STEM
  • visiting schools to encourage children (and particularly girls) into the nuclear industry
  • demonstrating passion in promoting their sector or particular field to the next generation of workers
  • overcoming hurdles and using all available opportunities to make the case for their mission
  • mentoring women in the workplace regardless of seniority
  • being proactive within their own organisation to encourage change


WiN UK developed an Industry Charter to help organisations focus on the activity that can improve diversity and gender balance. Over 60 organisations have already signed up to WiN UK’s Industry Charter.

Alongside this we launched the joint Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG)/WiN UK Gender Roadmap Commitment Pledge to support the Nuclear Sector Deal target of a 40% female workforce by 2030. The pledge recognises collaboration across the nuclear sector to ensure evidence-based action and sharing of best practice. This award recognises the Charter Signatory (or Commitment Pledge) company that has made a particular contribution to our mission throughout the year.

Judges will consider evidence which shows work undertaken to improve gender balance within the nominee’s organisation and in the wider industry. Examples may include:

  • sharing of best practice, including tools and techniques, across the broader nuclear sector
  • sharing of gender and diversity data to enable robust analysis and to help us to focus efforts on the most effective areas
  • educating leaders within our organisations and holding them and their teams to account for inclusivity, recognising and challenging bias and sexism
  • creating opportunities for networking, exchange of ideas, and mentoring and coaching in support of the aims of WiN UK to support women and other under-represented groups reach their full potential in our businesses
  • prioritising action to remove barriers to flexible working across the nuclear sector for all types of work and at all levels


This award was introduced to provided recognition for those working regionally to promote gender balance in the nuclear industry. Teams, businesses or organisations who may be small in stature but are big in changing the culture of our industry to be more inclusive and specifically to address gender balance.

Recognising that all of our teams are doing such a fantastic job, this year we are looking for examples where a team may have introduced a new initiative or come up with a great idea which has inspired others into action. One way we can make significant change is by groups working together locally to raise awareness, to make a difference and to achieve WiN UK’s mission. Examples may include:

  • WiN UK regional teams
  • Other charitable organisations who have supported WiN UK
  • WiN UK support from local businesses through donations
  • SME’s who have provided “in-kind” support via access to resources