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Professional registration is an important milestone that establishes proven knowledge, understanding and competence. The Nuclear Institute holds a licence from the Science Council to register professionals as Chartered Scientists. 

Chartered Scientist (CSci) 

CSci represents a single chartered mark for all scientists, recognising high levels of professionalism and competence in science. All those working in the practice, application, advancement or teaching of science can become CSci with the appropriate combination of qualifications and experience. There are currently around 15,000 Chartered Scientists working in a vast array of settings and across all scientific and related sectors.

Chartered Scientists demonstrate effective leadership, using their specialist knowledge and broader scientific understanding to develop and improve the application of science and technology by scoping, planning and managing multifaceted projects.


CSci benefits the individual

  • by giving you wider recognition outside of your specific discipline or sector
  • by demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and continuing high levels of competence and development
  • by reflecting the likely breadth of your career across science

CSci benefits the employer

  • by giving assurance of the competence and professionalism of your employees
  • by providing them with a platform for networking across disciplines and sectors by showing your customers or competitors that your staff are practicing at the highest level

CSci benefits the profession

  • by benchmarking all professional scientists at the same high level no matter which discipline or sector they work in
  • by ensuring that all registrants must be participating in CPD to continue to hold the award
  • by encouraging networking and bringing together multidisciplinary teams of professional scientists

CSci benefits the public

  • by creating a single badge of professionalism that the public can recognise across the science professions and beyond
  • by maintaining and increasing the public’s trust in scientists through professional standards, codes of conduct and mandatory revalidation


To qualify for the Chartered Scientist designation applicants must possess a combination of high-level scientific knowledge and experience. This is typically demonstrated by a Masters qualification together with four years of post graduation-level experience sufficient to meet the CSci competencies. To qualify for this registration, you must meet the requirements of the CSci Standard.

Continuing Professional Development

As a Professional Member of the Institute, each year you will be required to confirm that you are undertaking CPD and are updating your record. The Nuclear Institute expects Chartered Scientists to maintain a CPD record to continue their registration. Find out more about Continuing Professional Development with the Nuclear Institute here

Download the Nuclear Institute PD policy

Applying for Registration 

Professional Registration Workshops 2023

The Science Council runs free, online Professional Registration workshops throughout the year that are open to anyone to help you in your registration journey.


You can apply for professional registration with the Science Council at the grades of Member or Fellow, whether you are a new or existing member of the Nuclear Institute. 

Complete the relevant Membership Application Form selected via the links below, and return along with a full CV, copies of certificates, CPD records and the application fee (please see checklist at the end of the application form).

Member (MNucl) + Registration Forms

Fellow (FNucl) + Registration Forms


There are associated application and registration fees to apply for professional registration with the Science Council. 

View the Related Fees