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Recognition as a professional Member of the Nuclear Institute provides independent verification of your nuclear professionalism, whatever your specialism, job role and work context. 

Take a look at the Member brochure for more information.

Member grade is appropriate if you:

Membertick work in the nuclear sector, including the supply chain, in a technical or non-technical role that contributes to the safety, security and effectiveness of the nuclear industry
Membertick can demonstrate how, through the work you do, you meet the Nuclear Delta professional standard 
Membertick hold a relevant qualification at level 3 or above, or can demonstrate equivalent experiential learning 
Membertick possess effective interpersonal skills 
Membertick commit to upload the NI Code of Conduct and to maintain your continuing professional development 
Membertick have at least 3-5 years’ experience in the nuclear sector


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2024 Fees

Member Fee: £179 (Direct Debit Fee: £165)