Becoming Me Programme

Becoming Me Programme

The vision for Becoming Me is to help delegates understand and embrace who they are, recognise how they can flourish at what they do, and take the right actions to thrive in making a difference. We support people in their professional roles and encourage and equip them to take responsibility for their own personal growth and career development.

Becoming Me focuses on personal development; on power skills such as emotional intelligence, not the skills needed for a particular job; this is a coaching not a training programme.

A live, interactive, engaging programme of personal development delivered through Teams using videos, case studies, podcasts, breakout groups and Q&A, with content illustrated from real life situations and experiences in industry, academia, and government. Delegates receive a learning journal in which to record their personal observations, key learning points and as a record of their progress and development. An on-line resources folder contains all course material and recommendations for further reading.

This course is run in collaboration with the YGN and NI Fellow Professor Andrew Sherry to help early-stage professionals reach their full potential. Four courses have completed already, largely supported by NNL with great feedback from participants. Now in its third year, it was awarded the YGN prize for its “outstanding contribution in aid of young people in the nuclear industry” in 2022.

Autumn 2023 Programme: find out more

Becoming Me helps delegates to understand and embrace who they are, flourish in their work and thrive in making a difference. For businesses, Becoming Me enhances employee engagement, talent retention and attraction, leadership skills, and adaptability to change. We emphasise diversity and inclusion, ensuring everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to make their unique contribution to the business, helping to enhance commitment, drive performance, and build innovation.


During the six main sessions of Becoming Me, delegates will:

  • Build self-awareness of strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and behavioural drivers.
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and your personal life.
  • Appreciate how behaviours can influence your performance and your interactions with others.
  • Access practical models, tools, and techniques to enhance your contribution in the workplace.
  • Build emotional intelligence in self-awareness, confidence, resilience and affirming behaviours.
  • Take greater responsibility for your own personal growth and career development.

Programme Structure

Programme structure: six sessions every fortnight (see sessions and dates in table below).

Course work: Questions/exercises will be set to be completed during and between sessions to reinforce learning, develop personal insight, and encourage application. Podcast episodes provide additional insights into real-life experiences relevant to the programme content.

Journal: Delegates will be sent a journal containing the course material and are encouraged to maintain this to record their observations, key learning and as a record of their progress.

Mentor: Delegates will discuss learning, key actions, and progress with their mentor between sessions. We prefer delegates to appoint their own mentors and provide guidance for both mentors and mentees. If this isn’t possible, we will provide a mentor from the Nuclear Institute.

Information Pack

Informal online briefing sessions for prospective applicants for the Autumn 2023 Cohort will be held on the following dates:
- 13th July
-  27th July
- 10th August

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Applications for the Autumn Programme are now open. 

Eligibility: All applicants must be members of the Nuclear Institute and meet the requirements of the Young Generation Network (i.e. under 37 years). Those Nuclear Institute members new to the industry (0-3 years) are also welcome to apply.

If you are successful in securing a place you will be invited to an introductory workshop on Thursday 14 September 1000-1200 on Teams.


The cost is £750 per delegate payable to the Nuclear Institute. Company sponsorship offers a reduced rate with additional benefits. A small number of free places are available for special cases.